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DJ Laurent F.

Also known as DJ Laurent, DJ Laurent F

William Kouam Djoko

Also known as Kouam Djoko, William K. Djoko

Leif Knowles

Also known as Leif Knowles, Leiff

Bobby Leal

Bumpin' Ugly

Gus Till

Paul John Harris

Also known as Harris, P Harris, P. Harris, P.Harris, Paul 'Harry' Harris, Paul (Dirty Vegas) Harris, Paulharris, Pual Harris

Heide Bohr

Also known as Luna, Lund, Lunda, P. Lunda, Pia, Pia Lunda

Unit 9

Dmytro "Dimitri" Tsyperdyuk, Sergiy "Shura" Gera

No cover

Gareth Oxby

Kings Of The Rising Sun


Also known as Soul Mates, Soul:Mates, SoulMates, The

Randy Andy

Also known as Randandy, Randyandy

Vincent Orr

Patrick Leagas

Also known as 6 ‹omm, 6 Comm, 6‹omm, 6Comm, 6th Comm., Six Comm, Sixth ‹omm, Sixth Comm ~ Mother Destruction

Tommaso Torrini

George Philippou, Michael Philippou and Adam Philippou

Justin Gettings

Limahl, Nick, Steve, Stuart, Jez

Artwork (2)

Aaron Lee

François Béranger

Пётр Ильич Чайкoвский (Transliterated: Pyotr Ilyich Chaykovsky / Anglicised: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)

Also known as チャイコフスキー, Caiikovsky, Cïakowsky, Ceaikovski, Ceaikovsky, Chaikovski, Chaikovsky, Ciaïkovsky, Ciaicowski, Ciaikovski, Ciaikovskij
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