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Sylvia Robinson (née Vanderpool)

Also known as "Little" Sylvia Vanderpool, Jamison, Little Sylvia, Little Sylvia Vanderpool, Robinson, Robinson/Sylvia, S Robinson, S-Robinson, S. Robins, S. Robinson, S. Robison

Charles Edwin Hatcher

Also known as Charles Edwin Hatcher, E Star, E Starr, E. Star, E. Starr, E. Starrr, E.Starr, Edvin Starr, Edwin, Edwin Star, Edwinn Starr

Pau Carles Salvador Casals i Defilló

Also known as Casals, П. Казальс, Пабло Казальc, Пабло Казальс, P. Casals, P.. Casals, Pablo Casals Festival, Pablo Kazals, Pau Casals

Zoltán Hedrick

Also known as Emze Hack, S. Sedrik, Snake Cedric, Snake Sederick, Snake Sedric, Snake Sedrik

Christian Valdés Castro

Also known as C. Castro, Christian Castro, Crisitan, Cristian

Kai Randy Michel

Also known as K. Michel, K. R. Michel, K.R. Michel, Kai R. Michel, Kai Randt Michel, Kay Randy Michel, Michel
No cover

Sweet Chap, The

Christian Zander


Toby Izui

Also known as DJ Toby, T. Izui, Tobi Izui, Toby

Mike Owen & Steve Broderick

No cover


Mikael Nordgren


José Diogo Correia

Javier Ferreira

Jeb Million

Kenneth Graham

Anthony John Moore

Also known as A Moore, A. Moore, A. More, A.More, AM, Anthony, Anthony More, Antony More, Moore, More, Tony More

Luis Alberto Spinetta

Also known as L. A. Spinetta, L.A. Spinetta, L.A.S., L.A.Spinetta, Luís Alberto Spinetta, Luis A. Spinetta, Luis Alberto, Spinetta, Spinettta

David Alan Batt

Also known as D Sylvian, D, Sylvian, D. Sulvian, D. Sylvain, D. Sylvian, D.S., D.Sylvian, Dadid Sylvian, Davia Sylvian, David Enlvian, David Silvian

Kevin Over

O'Chi Brown

Also known as O ' Chi Brown, O' Chi Brown, O. Brown, Ochi Brown, Oochi Brown, S. Brown

Gavin Lynch

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

Also known as C. F. Schiller, Ф. Шиллер, F. Schiller, F. Schillera, F. V. Schiller, Fr. Schiller, Fr. von Schiller, Friederich Schiller, Friedr. v. Schiller, Friedrich von Schiller, Σίλλερ
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