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Alan Pillay

Also known as A. Pellay, A. Pillay, Alan Lanah Pillay, Alan Pellay, Allan Pellay, Lana Pellay, Lanah Pillay, Lannah, Ms. Lana Pellay

Mario Franca

Bruno Mascotte & Leonardo Torha

Gabriele Minichino Martinez

Dario Deluca

Maximilian Clarke & James Wall

Lesane Parish Crooks aka Tupac Amaru Shakur

Also known as 2 Pac, 2 - Pac, 2 Pac, 2 Pac /Macaveli/, 2 Pack, 2 Pak, 2-Pac, 2pac, 2Pac (Makaveli), 2Pac Makaveli, 2Pac(Makaveli)

Peter Wilson (3)

Also known as P. Wilson, Pete Wilson, Wilson

Les Frères Checkolade

Miki Yoshimura, Stefan Weiß and Johannes Marx


Omer Karel De Laey

Sergey Aldosev

Flash Black

Pit Bailay & Paul Mangerich

Jack Leo Van Impe

Also known as Dr. Jack Van Impe, Dr. Van Impe, Rev. Jack Van Impe, Rev. Wolfman Jack Van Impe


George Lincoln Rockwell

Son Of Mississippi

Also known as Multiple Voices Of The Son Of Mississippi, The, Voices Of Son Of Mississippi

Jesse Förster

Anton Heyboer

Solitaire (5)

Poeme Electronique

Johnny Voorbogt

Also known as J. Voorbogt, Johnny Voorboght, Johnny Voorborgt

Christophe Rippert

Also known as C. Rippert, Ch. Rippert, Ch.Rippert
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