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Kahimi Karie


Also known as カヒミ・カリィ, Karie
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Discography of Kahimi Karie:

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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 release Release date Label fo release
1 Kahimi Karie - Kahimi Karie Kahimi Karie 11 mp3 1998-09-08 Minty Fresh
2 Kahimi Karie - K.K.K.K.K. K.K.K.K.K. 15 mp3 1998-08-00 Le Grand Magistery
3 Kahimi Karie - Remixes Remixes 4 mp3 1998-02-00 Crue-L Records
4 Kahimi Karie - Tiny King Kong Tiny King Kong 4 mp3 1997 Crue-L Records
5 K.K.K.K.K. 11 mp3 1998-07-15 Polydor K.K.
6 K.K. Limited Edition 2000 42 mp3 2000-11-00 Polydor K.K.
7 Kahimi Karie - A K Is A K Is A K A K Is A K Is A K 9 mp3 1998-12-23 Polydor K.K.
8 I Am A Kitten 5 mp3 1995-01-25
9 Tilt 13 mp3 2000-05-24 Polydor K.K.
10 Once Upon A Time 5 mp3 2000-03-29 Polydor K.K.
11 Kahimi Karie - The Best Of Trattoria Years Plus More The Best Of Trattoria Years Plus More 11 mp3 1998-09-00
12 Kahimi Karie - My Suitor My Suitor 7 mp3 2001-11-00 Polydor K.K.
13 Montage 10 mp3 2004-05-00 Victor
14 Kahimi Karie - Larme De Crocodile Larme De Crocodile 10 mp3 1997-03-00 Crue-L Records
15 Kahimi Karie - Giapponese A Roma Giapponese A Roma 4 mp3 1999-12-00 Siesta
16 Kahimi Karie - Girly Girly 4 mp3 1994-06-25
17 Kahimi Karie - Le Roi Soleil Le Roi Soleil 6 mp3 1996-06-26
18 Kahimi Karie - Journey To The Centre Of Me Journey To The Centre Of Me 5 mp3 2000-04-26 Polydor K.K.
19 Trapéziste 10 mp3 2003-02-00 Victor
20 Nana 4 mp3 2004-03-00 Victor
21 Good Morning World 2 mp3 1995-10-16
22 Kahimi Karie - My First Karie My First Karie 6 mp3 1995
23 Kahimi Karie - The Best Of Trattoria Years Plus VCD The Best Of Trattoria Years Plus VCD 16 mp3 1999 R.PM Records
24 Kahimi Karie - Leur L'Existence Leur L'Existence 7 mp3 1995
25 Kahimi Karie - One Thousand 20th Century Chairs One Thousand 20th Century Chairs 3 mp3 1998-06-29 Polydor K.K.
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About Kahimi Karie

Mari Hiki (比企真理), born March 15, 1968, Tokyo), better known by her stage name Kahimi Karie, is a Japanese Shibuya-kei musician.

Kahimi Karie began her career as a music photographer in Japan. Her then-boyfriend, Keigo Oyamada (aka Cornelius) asked her to sing for his friend's record label. Kahimi quickly gained success, especially on the hyper-trendy Shibuya-ku scene (the fashionable Tokyo hub and area also associated with the musical talents of Pizzicato Five, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Maki Nomiya and Cornelius, among others).

Many of Kahimi's EPs achieved gold status in Japan. She also hosted one of Tokyo's most popular radio programs. Kahimi caught the attention of Momus, and the two began collaborating. Several domestic hits followed. "Good Morning World", a song commissioned by a cosmetics company, reached top five on the Japanese charts and cemeted Kahimi's position as a J-pop superstar.

Kahimi sings in English and French in addition to her native Japanese. In addition to the above collaborations, she's worked with the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Arto Lindsay, Philippe Katerine, Add N To (X) and Yasuharu Konishi (Pizzicato Five)

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