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Lenny Dee - Hardcore Underground release

Lenny Dee - Hardcore Underground cover of release
Some facts about this release:
Title: Hardcore Underground
Performer: Lenny Dee
Year: 2006 Oct 30
Genre: Electronic music   (click to see other releases)
This album was released on lable Krafty Recordings (catalog num HUCD01)
Country: UK
Duration: 09:17:29
Format of the release is: CD , Mixed
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

The album included the following session artists:

Artwork By Jouni Väänänen
DJ Mix Cube::Hard
DJ Mix DJ Fracus
DJ Mix DJ Kurt
DJ Mix Darwin
DJ Mix Mozz
DJ Mix Stormtrooper (3)
Liner Notes CDJay
Management [Assistant Project] Gary Jacques
Management [Assistant Project] Gary Powell (2)
Management [Project] Jonathan Goulding
Mastered By Robin Petras
Photography [Lightning] Mikko Bäck
Date of Copyright: (C) 2006 Oct 30
Tracklist of Lenny Dee - Hardcore Underground
# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3
Hardcore Underground
play Kurt B2B Stormtrooper - The "Party Like It's 2006" Mix Lyrics of Kurt B2B Stormtrooper - The ?
1.01 play Space Odyssey 2006 Lyrics of Space Odyssey 2006 4:52
1.02 play Bodyrock Lyrics of Bodyrock 4:19
1.03 play I Am (Sy & Unknown Remix) Lyrics of I Am (Sy & Unknown Remix) 1:47
1.04 play Give Me Your Love (DJ Stormtrooper Remix) Lyrics of Give Me Your Love (DJ Stormtrooper Remix) 4:16
1.05 play Can’t Be Trusted Lyrics of Can’t Be Trusted 2:53
1.06 play Spaceman Lyrics of Spaceman 4:32
1.07 play Droppin’ Bombz Lyrics of Droppin’ Bombz 2:13
1.08 play Pump This Party Lyrics of Pump This Party 4:16
1.09 play Party People Lyrics of Party People 4:29
1.10 play Got 2 Move Lyrics of Got 2 Move 3:12
1.11 play The New Shit Lyrics of The New Shit 4:13
1.12 play Move Ya Body Lyrics of Move Ya Body 3:57
1.13 play Summin 2 Dance 2 Lyrics of Summin 2 Dance 2 3:15
1.14 play The Ultimate Lyrics of The Ultimate 4:44
1.15 play Reach 4 The Sky Lyrics of Reach 4 The Sky 2:32
1.16 play Let Your Body Groove Lyrics of Let Your Body Groove 4:19
1.17 play Don't Hold Ya Breath Lyrics of Don't Hold Ya Breath 4:36
1.18 play Pulse Attack (DJ Stormtrooper Remix) Lyrics of Pulse Attack (DJ Stormtrooper Remix) 4:16
1.19 play Secret Raver Lyrics of Secret Raver 4:48
1.20 play Bass Keeps Pumpin’ Lyrics of Bass Keeps Pumpin’ 1:58
play Fracus B2B Mozz - The "Dalliances With Desideratum" Mix Lyrics of Fracus B2B Mozz - The ?
2.01 play Hold On To Me Lyrics of Hold On To Me 4:07
2.02 play Raggamuffin Rock Lyrics of Raggamuffin Rock 4:22
2.03 play Give You The World Lyrics of Give You The World 4:09
2.04 play Evolution Lyrics of Evolution 3:20
2.05 play Underground Hardcore Lyrics of Underground Hardcore 2:37
2.06 play Lonely Lyrics of Lonely 4:19
2.07 play Mirage (Brisk & Ham Remix) Lyrics of Mirage (Brisk & Ham Remix) 5:47
2.08 play Continental Breakfast Lyrics of Continental Breakfast 2:52
2.09 play Wicked Rock Lyrics of Wicked Rock 3:41
2.10 play Woohah! Lyrics of Woohah! 3:31
2.11 play Do It Now Lyrics of Do It Now 3:41
2.12 play SMD 2AA (Alistair Storm Remix) Lyrics of SMD 2AA (Alistair Storm Remix) 3:56
2.13 play Keep On Flexin’ Lyrics of Keep On Flexin’ 4:53
2.14 play Welcome To The Sunshine (Dougal & Gammer Remix) Lyrics of Welcome To The Sunshine (Dougal & Gammer Remix) 4:22
2.15 play The Slammer (Sy & Unknown Remix) Lyrics of The Slammer (Sy & Unknown Remix) 2:35
2.16 play In Your Arms Lyrics of In Your Arms 5:09
2.17 play Hardcore Bashment 2006 Lyrics of Hardcore Bashment 2006 2:59
2.18 play Crazy (The Lazy Boyz Remix) Lyrics of Crazy (The Lazy Boyz Remix) 3:07
2.19 play Errrmmm… Lyrics of Errrmmm… 3:32
2.20 play High Contrast (Arkitech Remix) Lyrics of High Contrast (Arkitech Remix) 3:25
play Darwin B2B Cube::Hard - The "Unfettered Underground" Mix Lyrics of Darwin B2B Cube::Hard - The ?
3.01 play Money Maker (Cube::Hard’s 0% Finance Option) Lyrics of Money Maker (Cube::Hard’s 0% Finance Option) 4:58
3.02 play Warehouse (Cube::Hard Remix) Lyrics of Warehouse (Cube::Hard Remix) 5:33
3.03 play Code Of Silence Lyrics of Code Of Silence 4:42
3.04 play 7th Power Lyrics of 7th Power 2:38
3.05 play Fallout Lyrics of Fallout 4:01
3.06 play Kill Belladonna (Panacea Remix) Lyrics of Kill Belladonna (Panacea Remix) 4:01
3.07 play Intoxicate Me (Exclusive Mix) Lyrics of Intoxicate Me (Exclusive Mix) 3:02
3.08 play Close Your Eyes (2006 Album Edit) Lyrics of Close Your Eyes (2006 Album Edit) 1:42
3.09 play Under Pressure Lyrics of Under Pressure 4:44
3.10 play Save You Lyrics of Save You 2:19
3.11 play Until The Day I Die Lyrics of Until The Day I Die 3:53
3.12 play Tranzport Part 2 (Original Mix) Lyrics of Tranzport Part 2 (Original Mix) 4:59
3.13 play Don't Be Lonely Lyrics of Don't Be Lonely 5:21
3.14 play DJs In Full Effect (The "Luna-C Goes Mental" Remix) Lyrics of DJs In Full Effect (The 2:24
3.15 play Cross The Line Lyrics of Cross The Line 3:08
3.16 play Smoke Without Fire Lyrics of Smoke Without Fire 3:06
3.17 play Knuckleshuffle Lyrics of Knuckleshuffle 4:48
3.18 play Dryad Machine Lyrics of Dryad Machine 4:07
3.19 play Draw To You (Cube::Hard Remix) Lyrics of Draw To You (Cube::Hard Remix) 4:23
3.20 play Sunset Blue Lyrics of Sunset Blue 2:24
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